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Glycolic Acid works for both acne prone and aging skin.  It gently exfoliates as well as balances the skins moisture.  Glycolic acid with Beta Hydroxy acid in it is an antibacterial agent that is very effective on acne. Glycolic acid with Lactic Acid helps with hydration for clients with more mature, drier skin types.

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10% Exfoliating Gel

Gently Exfoliates the skin while moisture balancing, works great for blemish pone skin

10% Exfoliating Gel with 2% Beta Hydroxy

All the same great benefits as regular 10% exfoliating gel but the added salicylic acid for antibacterial and astringent purposes. Suitable for oil and blemish prone skin types.

10% Exfoliating Gel with Lactic Acid

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