Lynn Dellapastalynn2
Acne Specialist, Nutrition Coach, and Anti-Aging Specialist
Owner/Founder, Aesthetician

If Mother Nature saw fit to give everyone a perfect complexion for life, I might be in another profession. I know what it’s like to have skin problems; to stand at the makeup counter in a store agonizing over buying products which are long on promises and short on results. I used to be one of those people desperate for relief from the physical and emotional damage of a really bad complexion. Refusing to continue taking prescription drugs that were ineffective against acne, I thoroughly researched all aspects of this skin disorder and became convinced that the right skin care formulations and regimen would vastly improve even my hopeless complexion. The results I achieved were so gratifying, my husband and I decided to use the “skin repair” concept as a springboard toward the research and development of a clinic-based skin treatment system. In addition to operating a busy, treatment clinic, I am dedicated to spreading the message of help and hope. I have been licensed since 1990, specializing in acne, sun damaged and aging skin.

I founded Westshore Skin and Health Center in 1990.
Acne Specialist – Our protocol clears acne without systemic drugs.
Nutrition Coach– Advice on healthy diets & lifestyle.
Anti-Aging Specialist – We have the means of truly slowing or reversing the aging process.

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