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The Correctives Skin Care System is a full product line that was developed for use in professional salons/spas to be used in the treatment room during facials as well as a full program for the retail client to take home.  The products are all non-clogging and most are designed with age-reversal in mind as well. All skin types (I-6) can greatly benefit from this system.

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Masks are a great at-home treatment for your skin; done in between client treatments. They leave the skin fresher and smoother.

Biological Mask
Clay masks are very helpful in absorbing excess oil from the skin when rinsed off, slough away dead skin cells which clog the pores. Biological mask contains two great earth clays and is very natural. No artificial fragrances, perfumes, or colored dyes.

Gelloid Mask

Pumpkin Mask
This jelly mask contains actual active enzymes that will break down dead skin cells that cause clog pores and rough skin. Clogged pores are a major part of acne; but this mask is also wonderful for dry flaky skin too.

Blue Clay Mask
This is a clay mask that can be mixed as needed with a small amount of distilled water, treatment by treatment. It is sold in dry powder for this reason. It is remarkable for acne sufferers and detoxifying for everyone. All skin will benefit from this phenomenal clay. Shelf life is forever because you mix it batch by batch.

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