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Thank you for your trust in allowing us to care for your skin care needs. Our staff of clinically trained professionals offers the most advanced skin care techniques and knowledge giving you a customized treatment with superior results. We pride ourselves in offering the latest in skincare technology. 

Our total skin care program includes in-depth consultations where we offer and recommend highly effective home care products, natural supplements and non-comedogenic cosmetics.

Please ask us about any products you see at the center. They have been selected for their latest technology and their superior ingredients to ensure the most therapeutic benefits for our clients.

Microdermabrasion – Diamond Peel
Microdermabrasion is a dermatological technique that helps to smooth rough skin and stimulates and tightens collagen and elastin in the deepest layer of the skin. This is achieved by applying light suction combined with gentle exfoliation, which involves laser cut diamond tips, on the skin. Results can be seen with the first treatment and are permanent. Approximately 8-12 treatments are recommended. We offer this wonderful treatment at phenomenal prices. Get a great deal by prepaying for the first 4 treatments and you will receive a 10% discount. Call for more details!

Therapeutic Treatment
(1 hour session)
A therapeutic treatment for acne. The skin is gently deep-cleansed and dead skin cells are removed by means of an enzyme mask with steam. Following the enzyme mask there are extractions of whiteheads, blackheads, etc. The treatment is completed by a calming mask and application of serums. Home care includes a very effective benzoyl peroxide system in an easy to use kit.

Signature Facial Treatments
Therapeutic Treatment
(1 Hour Session)
A therapeutic treatment for acne that includes extractions of whiteheads, blackheads, etc. The skin is gently deep-cleansed and dead skin cells are removed by means of an enzyme mask. Home care includes a very effective benzoyl peroxide system in an easy to use kit.

Glycolic Acid Treatment
(2o Minute Session)
An alpha hydroxy acid treatment for smoothing and refining the skin. Great for acne-prone and aging skin. We have been successfully doing these treatments since 1991.

Corrective Treatment
(1 Hour Session)
A relaxing soothing treatment that includes a gentle massage for non-acne prone skin; rehydrates dry, dehydrated skin or corrects and balances very oily skin. Includes removal of dead skin cells with our enzyme mask. Home care products are custom blended to each individual’s needs.

This treatment offers a quick removal of the flaking, peely skin that can trouble Retin-A or benzoyl peroxide users. The skin is thoroughly cleansed and then dead skin cells are gently removed with our enzymes.

Extended Treatment
(75 Minute Session)
This offers the Corrective Treatment combined with a warm herbal paraffin wax mask that rehydrates dry skin.

Complexion Peel
(1 Hour Session)
A light, safe peel developed for estheticians’ use that is safe enough to repeat every 4 weeks if necessary. This is not a phenol peel that must be administered by a doctor.

Flash Peel or Half-Flash Peel
(Call for Details)
A modified, quicker version of our full Complexion Peel. This mini-peel results in a brisk flaking and sloughing which occurs within 2-3 days and gives a much smoother appearance to the skin without having to hide away for days. Also helps to control acne flare-ups.

LED Photo Therapy
Photo-Rejuvenation Therapy is based on important research by NASA which proves that certain frequencies of light significantly increase new tissue growth, the synthesis of collagen and overall healing time after injury or surgery. Unlike laser resurfacing, photo-rejuvenation is non-invasive, causes no inflammation and requires no special post-treatment procedures. It is proving to be an effective treatment for aging skin as well as Rosacea and other skin conditions.

Hand Treatment
Paraffin Wax Treatment for Hands
Relax with a luxurious and affordable softening treatment for your hands. Heated paraffin wax allows pores to open while sealing in moisture deep into the skin, conditioning and soothing as it sets. Essential oils may be added for your enjoyment.

This treatment uses 25% Salicylic Acid that is ph balanced to minimize flaking. It requires no “down time” and is highly recommended for acne as well as anti-aging results. This has become a favorite for all age groups & skin types.

15 Minute Session(Call for Details)

Permanent Cosmetics
Permanent cosmetics is the application of soft natural pigment that is permanently implanted into the skin to color, define and enhance the eyebrows, eyelash line and lips. This service is also known as micro-pigmentation.

Permanent Eyeliner
Define and shape a fuller, natural lash line resembling thicker lashes or create a make-up look, eliminating the need for conventional cosmetics.
Permanent eyeliner is for people who:
….Are athletes on the go
….Can’t see well enough without glasses to apply eyeliner
….Like the convenience
….Are allergic to regular make-up but like to look their best

Permanent Eyebrows
Soft featherlike strokes can be blended with existing hair to create a natural look or create an entire brow from little or no hair at all.
Properly designed eyebrows can:
….Make a long face look more oval….Make a round face seem narrower
….Pull apart close-set eyes ….Bring together wide set eyes
….Emphasize exotic almond shaped eyes
….Frame your entire face
Permanent eyebrows are for people who:
….Can’t grow eyebrows due to shaving or tweezing or scar tissue
….Want more of a brow arch to look younger and more attractive
….Want to intensify their eyebrows
….Have a medical condition and can’t grow eyebrows

Permanent Lip Color/Liner
Correct uneven or faded lip line or enhance the perfect lip with natural color for more definition.
Properly designed Lip Color can:
….Enhance or change the shapes of lips
….Detract attention from a face that is too long, thin round or square
….Correct bluish colored lips or lips with no color at all
….Have trouble keeping on lipstick
….Have a visual or hand dexterity problem
….This procedure includes the lipliner
Properly designed Lipliner can:
….Give lips better definition
….Reshape an uneven lip line
….Help prevent lipstick bleeding
….Create fuller looking lips
….Conceal scars

Beauty Marks
Create that subtle beauty mark you may have always wanted.

Electrolysis is the #1 proven method of permanent hair removal. Electrical current is transmitted down a probe into the hair follicle to the hair root which when treated effectively will release and the hair is gently removed. Once the hair root has been eliminated, the hair will not reproduce again.

Eletrolysis Treatment
(you are only charged for the actual time you are treated)
Our state-of-the-art Electrolysis equipment is a radical improvement in permenant hair removal. Due to this new technology you will achieve rapid, permanent results with a more comfortable treatment.

Wax away your hair and have the added benefit of (generally) fewer ingrown hairs. Our professional skincare specialists take added care to remove hair comfortably and quickly. Excellent for removing large areas of hair on the body. Generally last two to six weeks.

Nutrition Education
A thorough discussion of dietary and lifestyle choices, done by a Nutrition Coach. Nutritional information and supplementation will be apart of this discussion. Call for consultation.

Airbrush Makeup
Have a flawless, even toned complexion that is picture perfect for photographs, weddings or any major event. Covers up all dark circles, spots and most birth marks and last 12 hours or more – yet washes off easily.

Lash and Brow Tinting
This is for men that want to groom the gray away – or for women that need their lashes and brows to match their hair color. Our skincare professionals can help you improve your appearance in a process that works quickly and lasts.

Teeth Whitening

Spray Tanning

All services are by appointment only. If you need to cancel an appointment we appreciate at least 24 hours notice.

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