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Chaste Berry Extract
Goodbye to menstrual breakouts

Great herbal extract combines chaste berry and dong quai for amazing hormonal balance and health. We have offered this supplement for nearly thirty years and still rely on it. This supplement has been remarkable for clearing cystic, hormonal acne in women—$ 16.99 for a 45 day supply.

Structured Silver
Mother Nature’s Antibacterial

This dietary supplement is so helpful in eliminating harmful bacteria in the body without harming essential healthy flora in the gut. This helps boost the immune system and aids in body repair of issues like leaky gut, acne, and more. No taste—easy to swallow. Large 16oz bottle for $59.95. 1 tsp twice daily.

Healthy Clay
10,000 year-old miracle for detox

This unique clay is only found and mined in southern Oregon in the Cascade Mountains. It is amazing for treating MRSA, eczema, and acne. Attracts and neutralizes poisons in the intestinal tract, relieves food poisoning, eliminates parasites & toxins, improves regularity and chronic constipation, diarrhea, boosts energy, rids hangovers, and does heavy metal detox. It can be taken orally (2 capsules daily on an empty stomach), or the powder can be mixed with distilled water and used topically for acne and other skin problems. When taken orally, this clay is detoxifying—take the “Blue Clay challenge” for two weeks and see a notable difference. It can be used in the bath, too, or as a foot soak. 60 capsules $29.95.  ½ lb jar $28.95.

Colloidal Copper Tonic
Firm your skin with this mineral spray

Colloidal copper is an element from Nature that is essential for collagen production in the skin. Collagen starts to disappear as we age–that is why we see the skin sagging and sinking in as we grow older. Spraying with this Copper Tonic helps the skin maintain collagen. This works very well combined with taking whole-food vitamin C capsules from the Garden of Life. Our Clean Sourced Collagen powder is also an essential part of age-reversal. 4oz spray bottle $18.00.

MD Solar Science Sunscreens
Protect from sun damage with minerals

These sunscreens are a fantastic way to have mineral protection from sun exposure. They are oil-free, non-clogging, and dry to a silky smooth matte finish–not shiny or oily. We carry 3 different choices: Regular SPF30, SPF50, and SPF30 Tinted. None of these formulas will give you a white coating on the skin. They absorb completely. Prices are $32.50 to $34.50 per tube.

Organixx Clean Sourced Collagen
Get rid of fine lines and more

This collagen powder dissolves well in water and contains five different types of collagen from four different sources. No other collagen offers this. Collagen is essential for smooth, line-free skin; strengthens hair, nails, and teeth; helps ease joint stiffness & discomfort; helps repair the stomach, intestines, & “leaky gut” and helps reduce food carvings to support weight loss. $39.99 / 20 day supply.

Dew Puffs
Throw away your washcloths

Bamboo Charcoal and Asian Clay. These little wonders make it so easy to buy thoroughly cleanse the skin gently. They will last much longer than what is listed on the package. Wet the Puff thoroughly underwater until it is soft and squishy and then apply a small amount of your cleanser and wash your face and eye makeup off all at one time; no need for extra eye makeup removers that can block pores around the eyes. Great as gifts or stocking stuffers. $9.50 each.

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